Opinions before I spend ages on content

This site is still in it’s early stages, but I’d love to here any comments before I put the rest of the content in…

The only content in it so far is…

Photographers>>Mary Dillwyn>>Mumbles Lighthouse

I’ve set Jpeg to 50% to allow you a faster load time.

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Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

i like the theme youve got going.

my first impression was “not the book think again.” however, you did it a little differently, as the pages dont flip. not to say it isnt over-used and cliched, but if it works for the site use it.

i like the textures and stuff, but i think they need drop shadows. they look kinda flat.

i would also up the fps a lot. its way too slow right now.

i like it thuogh. good job

I agree with everything said ^^^^^^, and also (this kind of goes along with upping the fps) you need to make the pictures show up faster. It takes too long before you actually get to see a picture, which might cause people to quit.

I totally agree about the book thing, but my audience will be a lot more lo-fi than most Kurupians. So I should get away with it.

Drop shadows, yes will do.

Fps and i can work with, but it is aready 20 fps… what is the maximum fps i should use… 40 ?

Thanks for the comments…

Happy Holidays…


I liked it alot agree with rest of the comments, maybe make the text selection for the links a slightly lighter colour on roll over!

Also nice to see a familiar landmark here on kirupa, i am in swansea :slight_smile:

Take care

I thought i was the only one… although I’m a Turk… Can’t wait for the 2nd :slight_smile:

The whole site is amazingly slo. Please ad a preloader. or speed up the frame rate or something.

It already has a preloader… ?

I’ve made the changes to the frame rate, but I think it will be a bit heavy for some slower machines…

Also added a quick drop shadow

Nice splash screen. I like the site but add some rollovers on those links so that people know what text is what.

cool the site is running faster. But still not fast enought. but that;'s my oppion.

Fat? I’m way too old to know what that means…

Fat? what are you talking about?

Nice move T-O…

It must be your machine man…

i know i have great moves but how would you know?

the preloader text is illegible.
whatd u do with the bg? it was great!?! i like the shadow, but please, id put the bg pattern back.
ur new framerate looks fine to me.
id recommend 61fps, but it might kill some slower machines and its fine at 40. so i guesss keep it.

again, great site. cheers