Site for a School Project - Love in Spain

Hey K-team! I’m studying abroad in Madrid this semester and decided to put my flash skills to use on a final project for a workshop called “Spain is Different” about different conceptions of love between Spain and the US. The site is in spanish, but I’d appreciate some suggestions on the design. It’s my first full-browser flash site and my first site incorporating Fuse. That said, it’s a little disappointing that I don’t show off Fuse’s amazing capabilities except for a few embellishments. Any suggestions on that or in general?

the link:

ps. I recognize that the information could just as easily (and perhaps even more intuitively) have been conveyed in a standard HTML page, but I’m hoping some flair in the presentation will make up for my (shameful slouch) less-than-arduous research. Hey, it’s not like it’s for an actual class or anything.

pps. to spanish speakers: i apologize for the grammatical errors, most of the text was written by my partner on this one.