Site for m'lady

hi all,
I’ve started working on this site for my gf to showcase her music stuff. Just wanted some advice about how it’s progressing and what you think I should do with it.

btw, I already realise that there are no preloaders yet, and a slight bug in the audio player, plus content is not complete.

Any hints or tips?


Nice start…
Ya GOTTA get rid of that “get Flash here thing” at the bottom…
Also, try and get more creative with your rollovers and transitions…
Good start …Keep it up!

:rd: jMkM

agree with jay-em. no get flash link. cool audio effect. i dig it

Thanks guys, I just need to get my imagination going now.
btw, the Get Glash thing was just put in quickly so that she could see the site, wasn’t sure if her stuff was up to date. I’ll change it, thanks.