My first website

I’m still a flash noob so don’t expect too many bells and whistles. This is my first flash website done for a friend who is a musician so she wanted it simple.

Lots of links dont’ go anywhere but there is enough up to get the idea. I’ll be adding mp3s of her music as well as a photo gallery some time in the future.

If anyone has any clues on how to get the whole thing smaller so it doesn’t take so long to load I’d love to hear it!

thanks all

it is very good for your first site, keep up your good work.

.:ICED T:.

what is the size of that initial preloader? it is either way too big or your host sucks. Split up the content or get a new host. im against the pop-up window.

but a great site.

****…that was a long load, and im on BB! lol. The music is very moody, kinda like a 80’s cafe so i think the old style fone with teh 80’s music goes really well. I shall say no more :wink:

i think there should me more contrast between text adn the background.
except the file size good work

best viewed 728 x 1024? :h:
1024 x 768 ? :wink:

Hey thanks so much for the feedback everyone! I didn’t expect such positiveness! I personally don’t think it’s that exciting of a website what with all I’ve seen through this forum but it’s where my skill level is at right now so I guess it only gets better! (hopefully anyway).

Thanks Thoriphes - i’ll change that asap.

I have no idea why it takes to long to load. Well, I guess I know why but I don’t know how to change it. I have one mp3 that is just a little loop I downloaded from flashkit. It was a wav file but I changed it to an mp3. The pics are little teeny 45k thumbnails essentially but I guess I don’t know how to put them in my project without having them in my library. So that bumps up the size too. And they take forever to appear where they are supposed to!

Can anyone tell me how to fix these things?

Any other suggestions for improvement are welcome! Should I make the background a little more washed out so there is more contrast between fore and back?

Thanks everyone! :love:

First I’d like to say that your site is a good one for your first flash attempt.

The only thing I could see that I don’t think has been mentioned would be to get rid of the massive white borders around the flash site.

hey lunatic, i think you can always reduce file size by doing the following :slight_smile:

  1. try to use .mp3 instead of .wav :slight_smile: ( i was corrected…sigh )

  2. jpgs are larger than gifs, and png images but are not better quality if you set the compression jpg quality in publishing to 100.

  3. Try to have preloader for individual sectios

  4. Try to always reuse symbols.

  5. Converting something into a symbol and using motion tween is more file size reductive than shape tweening. (i have no idea what im talking about on this one…ill have to do some experiments later)

  6. Frames - The more the heavier.

Hope these have helped, if im wrong about any (i doubt i am since im so cool…) please correct me guys :slight_smile:

time to test out no.5 :slight_smile:

:thumb: Sweet man thanks! But I don’t know about the .wav vs. mp3 thing. I thought mp3s were MUCH smaller. Let me check my files . . .

. . . yeah, the wav file is 1.7 MB but the mp3 is 156 kb! And yet still it takes FOREVER to load. Grrrrr . . .

Am open to all other comments/experiments!

Thanks for the words 'o wisdom! :beer: Cheers

ok i just did a simple test with no.4 with a square moving to the other side of the movie, the results were:

filesize_shape.swf (1kb)
filesze_motion.swf (1kb)

so no idea…ill just leave no.4 as it is for now, until someone proves it wrong :stuck_out_tongue: