Site no. 2!


Long time no post! I learnt so much from this site doing my last site, that I didn’t need much this time!

Have been working on a new website - please let me know what ya think!

The first one took me 7 months - this one took me 7 days! Aaah, the learning curve…!


First off…the incorporation of the soccer balls is sweet…
Second…every flash site that has sound should have an option to turn the sound OFF…i mean the whistle and crowd is kewl at first but then it just gets annoying

Otherwise the text and navigation are easy to read and nicely put together…i normally don’t think white text on a black background works well for anything but displaying artwork but you pulled it off…

i agree with the sounds, they get really annoying after having to click each one over and over again

otherwise, nice ideas with the nav and effects