Site Check!

Ok this is my first flash site (first website for that matter) its been through many revisions and changes. I need to see how this is running on multiple browsers. Through the help from flashkit and a long night i think I got them all working well but who knows?? Anyhow let me know what you think…

It’s a shame your site doesn’t have a more artistic feel, because your work is amazing. I don’t really like how high-tech it feels. Your art is so much more loose and raw.

It all seemed to work though except the music never played.

You’re not from Billy Bussey’s forum are you :stuck_out_tongue:

PS. Are you near Vegas?

Just a quick note: the music did play here.

not bad man, but i’d suggest u not to follow but make a trend…for example take a look at my or ethan’s page, 2’ds out man…guess we have had a lot of it as crazy 2advanced followers just have one concept in their mind, good for a start, shows ur ability…but id’ be more happy to see your artistic side too.

best of luck :slight_smile:

2d’s out? What crack you smokin?!? :slight_smile:

Anyway, it a good start… but I dunno… nothing really screams at me personally. I think if you developed the shell more, ad some color it would be a lot better. Transitions don’t really sit right IMO, there is just something missing.

I agree with Ethan. You’re obviously talented, both in art and Flash, but your site should represent your artistic style more. It’s too modern and gray. You should give your site a more hand drawn, macabre look to go with your art. Maybe incorporate some of your art into the design.

The site is really nice! As everyone said, it doesn’t reflect your artistic style as much.
I’m not a big fan of the drab colors, but everything is smooth and it all works!

hmm some of the best sites i have seen are 2D. 3D is nice, but sometimes it can be too much.

in my opinion, this is an excellent site.

the rusted frame doesnt work well with the sky.

overall the site is too dark, try lighting it up a bit. im getting an almost grungey feel from it.

i commented on yours, please do the same for me.

ok here is the deal. Im getting a ton responses concerning that it doesnt reflect my artwork and that it needs to be more centered to it. Well What I am attempting here is a fusion of digital and my handrendered work. I want a mix of modern and old. I have had responses for more color however it was my intention to have it some what drab… I do agree that i think i may need a new backdrop and add a few bells and whistles and I appreciate the input. Right now Im tryin out different backdrops and work with some color here and ther but Im not sure how it will come out.

oh and Ethan…yes I do live in Las Vegas but no not from billy bussey’s forum

i dont like that font…its pixel, but its not really helping the flow of the site. try to get somthing less boxy/squarish.

awesome! so slick without having to sit their for ages waiting for naff effects to run their course. it says i know my s**t.

love the artwork, especially the vector stuff. i see what you mean about fusing modern and hand rendered but i feel you need an accent colour in. a lot of ure pics are saturated colours so it would offset well.

nice work!

could you guys that are critiquing the site post links to your work. I like to see other peeps stuff especially if they are critiquing helping and giving pointers. I know some of you have yours up and I appreciate that. Just want to see what your guys work is like.

I took another couple good looks at your site. The more I’ve looked at it, the more I enjoy the interface. It does what you’ve described you where trying to do quite nicely. The border has started to stand out to me as not fitting right. I believe you said you were changing the background as well. I must agree with you on that. If you find something more fitting with the rest of the style, I’m sure it will liven the site up awesomemly!

As for the question about work we’ve done: I don’t exactly have a portfolio site or anything, I end up spending too much time working on projects for others and my main design job. However I do have a couple random works in progress up.
Random 3d piece
Sons of Azrael Site - design finished
Rockin Undies Site - design about finished
Club Level Site

LoL, so you’re asking to see our credientals… well I have no design experience what so ever :wink:

You have a lot of talent. Your art is great, but some of it is a little to creepy for me.

The music worked for me when I hit the play button. (Nice idea that solves the problem of whether or not to have music on a site)

As for the design of the site itself, I like it, and I see the idea it’s representing.


If it is your portfolio and art is you passion then you better spell it right.

In the about section you spelled it “pasion.”

When someone looks at your portfolio site for media they don’t want to see typos.

“If his own site that represents him has a typo, what will he do to my project?”

I like your design, I get the whole mix of new and old.

fix the typo :p:

dude, love the music. been listening to it for about 20min and not tired of it. gj

its all been said.
I like that you have a link for Derek Hess. He’s been a big part of our Cleveland music scene for years.
Your artwork is greeeeat. I’d go with Eat Ham on his first post.