Site of the week beef [rant]

okay, ill probably catch some harsh words for this but i got some beef with site of the week. first off, let me say that site of the week is great, and im happy for the winners, as they deserve it. BUT, what really bothers me is when im reading the week’s entrys and people register just to enter their site. you see these new users and a big fat “1” next to their post tally, and then poof after that, you never hear from them again. now im not going to name any names but what the hell is this corporate site BS? if you just want an award for your resume go to FWA or something. its obvious you and your crew have great skills as youve landed an account from such a large corporation, but go win an award some where else. go win one from a site that only gives out awards. personally i want to see what the kirupa community is doing. i want to see the work of people who are active on kirupa, not some great designer who has won every other “awesome site” award and registered here just to stick another notch on the award belt.

can i get an amen?!!