Site of the Week (July 2nd - July 9th)

If you wish to be considered for this week, please read the summary of rules:

  1. Reply by the end of July 9th to be considered for this week’s award.

  2. Include the URL and your email address.

Only the webmaster/creator of the site can submit.

Only one submission per person per week.

Submissions are capped at 10 each week, so don’t wait or hesitate until the last minute. Entries beyond the 10 entry limit will not be eligible for the SOTW for that particular week.

Include a brief synopsis of your site inluding its purpose, or maybe some features you wouldn’t want anyone to miss.

  1. Your site does not have to be full Flash to be eligible. Whilst you still must employ Flash to some extent, we are also looking for the overall design and usability of your site, not just your Flash skills.

  2. While it is understood that sites are perpetually under construction, please submit only complete sites. Do not submit a site that is less than 80% finished.

  3. Submissions must be actual websites with sections and content. Examples of ineligible include (but not limited to) flash games, movies, etc.

  4. There will be a private poll among the moderators and a winner will be announced.

  5. No critiques or feedback is allowed in the submission thread. If you wish a concentrated critique of your site, you may start a thread in Site Check. However, mod critiques will be posted when a winner has been selected.

For more information or questions, please refer to the Official SOTW Rules. Once you have read and understand the rules above, you may submit your site to this thread. Sites not adhering to the rules above will be disqualified and deleted. Submitting your site is an agreement and acceptance of the rules.

Kirupa :inc:

meh why not.

[email protected]

[email protected]


mail: [email protected]

[color=black]My portfolio :[/color]
mail: [email protected]

[email protected]
hellboy.project : mutation design service solution [Thailand]

[email protected]

well, its been a long time since i posted here, but i am back!

ive got a whole new site, and this time its almost 100% actionscript!

my movie size is actually 11x11; sorry, the “;” was habbit.

anyways, check out my site at:

website: blackpulp

email: [email protected]

and if you go, theres some free resources, check em out. also, be sure and open as many windows as possible. my idea here was you can actually view multiple content sections at once!

well, looks like there are some great sites here this week. good luck everyone!

oh yeah, the whole site is dynamically driven…

again, one more thing, be sure and resize your browser window too, the site scales to sit your browser, the content windows resize, the scrollBars, everything. the site is what id like to call a “smart site”

okay, i know ive been blabbering now, but you cant miss this stuff.


(-: Portfolio of my design studio.

e-mail: [email protected]

We spent so many hours to finish it that we hope you will enjoy it.

our new site :
e mail : [email protected]

See you :wink:

I know I’m not going to win this, I’m really just looking hoping to be amongst the frontrunners and get some good feedback.

e-mail: [email protected]

hope you like the site :thumb:

[SIZE=1]edit: if I learned anything at school it was how to count and I think I just creeped under the wire as the 10th entry this week [/SIZE]

my portfolio

illustrations, websites, animations, photography


mail: [email protected]

[email protected]


mail : [email protected]

some people just can’t read rules or count to 10

mail: [email protected]

NO YOU LEARN TO COUNT RabBell!!! OBVIOUSLY there are 1,2,3,4,4,4,4,5,6,7 entries…jeesh.

[email protected]

Read the rules and learn how to count people

whoops, my mistake :wink: