Site Restart?

When submitting for site of the week kirupa has said twice now that my site “restarts” after you click home. Anybody else having this problem? It doesn’t happen on my computer so I have no idea how to fix it!?

When I click home on a link, it fades back to the homepage.

Link: 3d Nirvana Studios


Oh, also, how would I go about eliminating the “home” button in the navagation? I have it set up where it loads another movie (so it can preload) then when you click home it unloads the movie and plays a black hade clip on top of it, so it looks like it faded to black then went home. And without the home button I dont know how to fade between external movies.

Thanks again

seems normal to me, no restarting seen!

edit: nevermind that…yeah it restarts!

yeah… It restarts.

about the navigation… why don’t you make a navigation bar that is static… so that you don’t have to click home, and instead go directly to where you want to go, wherever in the site you may be.

By the way, I liked a lot the snowmen 3D stills…

arg, any idea why it restarts?

I don’t know how to make the navagation static, but still have transitions! Help!


edit: nvm I was thinking about the trasition problem, and I t hink I figured it out :slight_smile:

what are you taking about it restarts? all it does is go back to home…


so is it a browser problem? Could u guys that had the problem post what browser you are using?


//yay new footer!

ie 6

Umm… when your home button appears you can still mouse over the other buttons they aren’t gone, just black or something so you can’t see them, but they are still there. You should either deactivate them or take them out of that frame.

I think I must be doing this in an oddball way. I didn’t do tutorials or anything. I just figured out a way to make it work. So maybe it’s not the right way.

I have my main movie that is always active. Then when you click on another button it loads another movie on top of the homepage. The second movie has a black box over the rest of the buttons. When home is clicked it starts to fade to black. It loads another movie that fades the rest of the way to black, unloads the page you were just viewing, brings up a preloader if needed, and fades out… revealing the homepage underneath. I think that’s not the right way to do it :). And by loading a movie I mean loading an external swf.

How should I be doing it?