Site semi-review

Hi, this is my first post on this forum.
I am building a website for a clothing company and i would really appreciate some comments on how i am doing.
Its built in flash with some minor php stuff. Its been done in 4 days on a really stressful deadline and i am starting to be blank on what looks good and what doesnt. :-\
Anyway, its still not done, some sections are still missing and i still need to add sound and adjust some stuff, colors, nice preloaders, etc.

Please feel free to write your heart out, i really need this site to be good. Here are some of my doubts:

  • What kind of sound, streaming or loops? I am a bit afraid the streaming might delay or break.
  • The colors are ok? I am kind of color blind, well, i can see colors, i just have some trouble knowing which looks good with which.
  • The right menu, will anim it when we roll over the mouse, like make the icons horizontal so we can read it properly.
  • Menu color, black ok?
  • The file size is a bit big, right?

Thanks for reading and taking a look. Heres the url:

nice concept ; )

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your concept is interesting

i don’t understand why you put blue stroke on tumbnails and why
they are not align?

personally, i think you have to standarize a section where the informations apear.

this is my first impression

p.s. i hope u understand, nmy english is so bad ; )

good luck with your project

The site has a new url, its final and its:
I still have some adjustments to make, but since i had a deadline, i really had to publish it.

the blue strokes around the little images are debatable, some people tell me they should be in grey also along with the rotating squares in the beginning, so i might change that. And their are disaligned on purpose, would it look better if they were aligned?

As for the information place, maybe you are right, every section has a different place on screen to appear, maybe i should make it standard.

Here are the improvements i still want to make:

  • Sound wise - give other possibilities, like new loops, start/stop and streaming music.
  • Still have to finish the news backend in PHP, so the client can add news without my assistance.
  • Maybe i will add a little shoutbox, where people can leave their remarks, etc.

And some other minor code fixes.

Thanks for the opinion, nice of you to bother taking a look. (and dont worry about your english)

The only thing i would change is colors… The menu is fine and all, and the little boxes are good too, but i’d wish there were some more colors on it… maybe colorize the background (??)

Other than that, looks sweet! :slight_smile: