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OK, so I have my loader finished. It works well. Now, I want to know about a few things. So, first I’ll put up my concept I’m pretty much finished up with in Photoshop.

OK, so I’m going to have my preloader, and then a bunch of animations till I get here :slight_smile: When you click the buttons, a pop-up will come up within the document (an external Flash document I suppose). So, here’s my questions:

  1. Is there any easy way to send all this stuff from Photoshop to Flash or will I just have to redraw it in Flash?

  2. Should I have the loader be the first few frames of the whole document (maybe make it Scene 1 or something) or should I have the loader separate and use loadMovieNum() from the main animation?

  3. How do you position a loaded movie/movie clip, just with some Actionscript after the loadMovieNum() line?

  4. I want to write some Actionscript so that it creates movie clips to load .jpg’s into by looking in a specific directory relative to the movie and following a pattern; something like image1.jpg, image2.jpg, image3.jpg. And then when there was not another file following the pattern, it would just move on in the script. I guess I could do that with a conditional, but I’m not sure how exactly or which conditional I would use.

Help on these subjects would be much appreciated, but mostly the loader placement one first :slight_smile: Just tell me how you include your loader and that should be fine. Thanks a lot.