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project digital.tallinn - the Estonian capital virtual guide

digital.tallinn site includes a brief description of the city, photo tour, graphics of Estonian artists and unique virtual tour that allowing walks in the Old Town and QTVR panoramas viewing, and Web-camera gives you a real-time picture of city life.

Welcome to digital.tallinn at
digital.tallinn CityCam at

i like your site… :slight_smile:
especially the background :slight_smile: it really fits :slight_smile:
nice work

Nice site!-

I love the interface and the theme.

I think this site deserve more recognition. so bump

What a coincidence!!!
I LIVE IN ESTONIA! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile: =)
cool! hehe
where are you from?

I absolutely love it! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have only one comment… it doesn’t fit in a 800x600 browser… but the content will… :evil:


AAAAAHHH!!! The 800x600 dilemna. Always comes to hunt us.

I personally don’t have my screen on 800x600. Feels like I am looking through a magnifying glass…

but half of the people on the web do…

We are in this for them that surfs the web, after all…


you are absolutely right

By the way Reverend, thanks for your help yesterday. I removed the popup option from both of my sites and everything is working fine on netscape now!!

I had to remove the thread because it had no point of being displayed for SOTW due to the circunstances:P

No problem… I’ve removed all popups from all of my clients, except 1 (it is an external app which resides on my server, so I have to have a popup to get people to stick on his site)…

Glad to help…


you just won SOFW on somebody eles site right?