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VERY nice. I really like it very much. Especially the thing with the hand on the résumé. Very good idea.

A few things though: Do you really need the fullscreen? I don’t like them because they make it hard for me to navigate.
And second thing, your navigation is very good, but not very easy to use. I guess it depends on who you think will visit this site.

But very nice work. You have my vote.

pom :slight_smile:

My god - that experimental section is brilliant, very simple and incredibly effective.

My vote too.

Very nice! I love the illustrations - very imaginative. The navigation is a bit challenging, but it’s really creative and your hard work shines through. Nice HTML version too.


Great site :slight_smile:

hey, thanks a lot for the great comments! I tried to make this site really fresh and enjoyable. It’s nice to see that it worked out!:slight_smile:


Bump again. Sorry guys, this site is too great - it has to win SOTW!

Another bump to the top because I agree with Renn :slight_smile:

Definitely deserving of SOTW!

I agree too - excellent design!! I also agree with Ilyas too though, the fullscreen is not something I enjoy.

Keep it Up!!!


yeah, I don’t like fullscreen either… but that can be overlooked in this case. At least by me.

There is a close window button there anyway, which is good because I have been to plenty of sites that open full screen windows and have no close button, which is a huge design flaw for full screen windows.

I wonder… if it wasn’t full screen would your transitions be smoother?

Just a thought…


Hey Rev, the movie doesn’t scale to the window size, so the full screen should not effect its performance.

If I may make on suggestion though… since the page doesn’t scroll you should remove the scrollbar. It is just… there.

In case you aren’t sure how to do this… change your body tag to look like this…

<body scroll="no">

This only works in Internet Explorer, but I checked your site and you have it launch in Netscape differently and it has no scrollbars anyway, so it would work out.

thanks lostinbeta… =)

Great site… I would like to see the transitions a little smoother tho… maybe a faster fps…

Just a thought…

Great site…


Haha - it doesn’t full screen on me because I have that feature disabled. I don’t think it needs to be in full screen… i even think it would be fine in the parent window - no need for a pop-up. I’m not a fan of full screens and pop-ups either, but I think this site more than compensates.

Did you guys see the HTML version. Amazing yo!

That aside - the flash - very original, thought-provoking, fun. If this site doesn’t make it, what chance do the rest of us mortals have? :stuck_out_tongue:

I checked the HTML version as well.

It is great… I am jealous of the skills presented on this site :slight_smile:

nice illustrations

Wow! these are just fantastic comments… thanks a lot for all of them:)

Great input too, about fullscreen and the transitions.

You are right actually, it doesn’t necessarily need to open as a pop-up, but I wanted to make it fullscreen because I thought it would increase the effect; you know, you’re entering the virtual world of Sunshine Village! :stuck_out_tongue: no place for browser header stuff.

and thanks for the scroller tip, I should take care of that, oh…and also the transitions…they bug me too:)

cheers to all!

*Originally posted by RenaissanceGirl *
**If this site doesn’t make it, what chance do the rest of us mortals have? :stuck_out_tongue: **
What are you talking about, Ren, you’re already SOTW! :stuck_out_tongue:

HAHAHA, that is a very good point Ilyas, I forgot about that.