Site Updates

Hi all,
If anyone has been wondering why SOTW and such has not been updated, it is because I am unable to update any files on my server. I’ve talked to my host and am in the process of getting it fixed (hopefully soon). Also, I’ll be posting reviews and tutorials of Swift 3D and Swish 2 in a few days!

At last we hear a little bit from you ! Guess the update takes all the time you’ve got. Anyway, keep on the good work !

By the way, doe anybody know if there’s going to be more advanced (well, more advanced, there weren’t any in flash 5) 3D functions in Flash 6 ? Like Swift, for instance.


Hey pom,
Actually, I was extremely busy with schoolwork the past week. I was unable to update my site because my server wouldn’t allow me to access any files, etc. I’m not sure if Flash 6 will feature advanced 3D, but I’m sure it might offer programmers more flexibility in creating three-dimensional shapes by using ActionScript. I guess we’ll find out once the program gets released in a few months :slight_smile: