Sketchers' - First B&W magazine :)

I thought to create a magazine dedicated for sketching and drawing…

I present you this… All contents are hand made except some fonts… musician sketch I made few months back. And other icons are part of my some of the drawings.

I am attaching 2 images with different titles… Which one you like better ?

All suggestions welcome :slight_smile: Thank you

Sketchers’ 1

Sketchers’ 2

Quite nice, but I think it need more “not-hand-made” material. It was very “dry”. Like the title or something could be made on the computer… don’t know. Thats just my opinion! Love how the issue nr is made tho:) Wonder how you’d do it when the issue is over 10:D

:slight_smile: yeah 3 hands you got it…

pretty unique. I like it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would like to know your opinion which one looks better 1 or 2 ?

Number 1!
Is it only the title that is different?

Yes only title… I kept simple in one… sketched the title and inverted in photoshop…

Second one has 2 copies layered…one inverted and original

@ dizzy- hey mate ur footer is 50 pix too wide and 40 pix too high :wink:

thanks dark!

[ot]you should change it…[/ot]
I like the mag, but i think its too much sketched. Like Dizzy said.

Well I understand what you are saying but I wanted it to be felt as if it is more focused on sketching… so did not put any images…