Slideshow movieclip problem

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to make a slideshow but I’m having problems with movieclips in the main film…
If say I have 40 frames in my film and I place a movieclip in frame 20, the main film has to stop at frame 20, play the movieclip and then automatically go play frame 21 and onwards in the main movie…-I figured to put a stop action on frame 20 (in a separate actions layer) but how do I make the movie play the clip and go back and play the rest of the main movie??..-do I need an actionscript or a behaviour?..-I don’t want it to be controlled by buttons…-yes, U guessed it; I’m such a beginner at Flash, so I’m adressing all U Flash heroes out there for help!

PS: laughing at these simple issues is allowed! (-:

/beginnersluck…-yeah right!