Slideshow not showing some controls - HELP!

I’ve developed a slideshow and zoom tool that works fine in my PC. It has a control panel where you may control images display and pages navigation. When I use it in my PC everything is working fine but when I test it from my Server some controls disappear (most of them belonging to the navigation panel). At first I thought I had not uploaded the final version but then I realized that if you refresh the page that’s been displayed, controls are IN THEIR RIGHT PLACE and working fine.

It’s a very slow server but I can’t believe this is the reason for loosing some controls. Does anybody may tell me what can I do to solve this problem?

You may see a sample site using this tool at

Many thanks for your help.


PS: I’ve just gone to check it again and those pages I’ve navigated to before, are showing fine but the others I hadn’t visited before only display those missing controls if you refresh your browser. Why does it behaves this way if the .SWF file is always the same?

Again, any help will be highly appreciated.