HELP! SWF not showing properly!

I created a slide show from the tutorial on the site. Although, my buttons are on a different (above) layer from the pictures. When i publish the fla file, it looks perfect. Now im using this swf file as a page in my main site, but it omits my buttons! its the exact size it needs to be to fit in the site, and i see the spot where the buttons should be, but its not rendering!
see for yourself:

-go to smile gallery
-it shows the first pic
now go to same site except to view the swf file, its smilegallery.swf
so …/flash/smilegallery.swf
works fine (though bigger than it should be)
ideas suggestions?
ive tried the following:
making the movie container the exact size of the .jpgs
making the movie container no size
putting all the other layers above the movie container layer