Sliding clip

Hi Flash_Monsters,

Read the “Sliding” Tutorial.
Please, can U write other examples about it, to explain the commands?

  1. Please, can U explain the x position: (-4,1) ; (-2,1) ; (0, 1) ???

  2. How to play the movie without the first movement of the sliding’clip?

  3. How to give a precision positionment command to my sliding’clip?

Many Thanx


  1. I think you’re talking about
 on (press) {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp _root.xnew = _root.mask2._x+(4-1)*100/2;

I screwed up with that piece of code. The problem is that the registration point of the ‘general’ clip is the center, so this makes things harder. Basically, general has to go to the position of the mask (_root.mask2._x) plus a certain number of times the width of one square (100). To display the first square, you have to move 3/2 times (4-1 = 3 :slight_smile: )

  1. In general, something like
 onClipEvent (load) {
       _x = _root.mask2._x+(4-1)*100/2;
  1. ??

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