What i suppose is probably a very simple task

how do i do this sliding movie like on this page www.izreal.com ?

I can’t find a sliding menu on that site.

There is a post on horizontal sliding menu’s in “the best of Kirupa” section. It’s worth a look.

He didn’t say menu my friend…he said Movie. Make it a movieclip and change the X position

i’m learning as i go…how do you change the X position?

Learning as you go isn’t always the best way to do things…You should stop, learn something, then go ahead a little bit, then stop and learn something new, and learn how to incorporate it into the other thing that you previously learned. What actionscript do you know? maybe we can add onto that…

i just completed a drop down menu…that took me a few weeks though. i’ve been reading through a lot of tutorials and trying to learn each thing as i go along, but a lot of what i have been doing wasn’t explained thoroughly, so although i may have done it correctly i didn’t complete understand what i was doing

I’m stupid…read the next post!

ok well, in order to change the X position of a movie clip you have to know a few things…

ok say you have a movieclip we’ll call it “bird”

you want bird to fly from left to right, around the screen.

the left side of the screen is the 0 x position, and the right side is the 500 x position.

You want the movieclip bird to fly from left to right at a moderate pace, we’ll say 10. Heres the code I would use

_x = 0
_y = 25
_x += 10
if(_x >= 500){
_x = 0


<font color=blue>onClipEvent</font>(load)

<font color=gray>this is simple enough, when the clip loads, you do the actions that follow</font>

<font color=blue>_x</font> = 0
<font color=blue>_y</font> = 10

<font color=gray>this just defines the initial X and Y positions of the movieClip </font>

<font color=blue>onClipEvent</font>(enterFrame)

<font color=gray>This part of the code loops the action contents that follow, so that they are constantly looped</font>

<font color=blue>_x </font>+= 10

<font color=gray>This adds 10 to the X position every time the actions are looped</font>

if(_x >= 500){
_x = 0

this resets the movieclips X position once it passes 500, it moves it back to 0 and will loop again.

hey, thanx…i’m gonna try that see what progress i get and let you know…i really appreciate that, i wish every tutorial i used explained what everything did like that…thanx again

No problem. I’m going to bed now. If you need anything else I’ll be able to help tomorrow. Good luck.

now that i got that…how do you get it to be a continuous image…instead of scrolling across the right of screen and then popping back up on the left making it connected and loop like it is at www.izreal.com ?

those continuous ones are a little tough… there’s a seam in there somewhere. What they’ve done is made two of the same image, which are longer than the viewer window by at least half the width of the viewer. Then those both have script on them, and they are butted up against one another.

Too tell the truth though, I’ve found that tweening is not only easier for this process, but doesn’t produce that much of a file increase.

That is, you make a movie clip, with three layers in it. The three layers all contain the same graphic tweened across the screen, but offset so that only one runs across, and then the other, and then the next.

The reason you have to use three, is so that half way through the movement of the last pic, you can loop to a point in the first pick where the image is in the right place for seamless transition.

With action script, using _x to move the pictures, it’s very difficult to get the interpreter to understand that the images are supposed to have an invisible seam. It just never meshes up correctly.

i believe i have it figured out…i’m not sure how the file size is right now, but i hope to have the initial page uploaded within a week so i can get some feedback.