Sliding menu bar - can you on alpha on mouse off?

I used Bryan Ariniega’s great tutorial on the sliding menu bar. I applied it in a slightly different way: vertically, with the sliding bar underneath the buttons. (Here’s a sample – [color=#666666][font=Verdana] ) [/font][/color]It looks great, but I would love to be able to get the grey slider bar to fade to transparent when you roll off of the buttons. Then, ideally, when you roll back on, the slider either appears again from the top (it’s initially hidden behind the ON state of the top button), or fades in where it was as it moves into place.
[/font][/color]I am no action script hero, so the chances of me figuring this one out on my own are very slim. Any and all help greatly appreciated.

As an obsequious side note, this site has been a tremendous resource for me - it’s one of the most useful and concise Flash sites I’ve seen. Thanks!

  • nilsd