Sliding Menu help requested

all right, here’s my situation:

i completed the tutorial here on making a sliding menu. is there a way to make the menu infinite? like, when you click on button 4 it goes to the fourth movie clip, but if you click on button 1 after that, it shoots across button 3 and 2 before going to 1. is there a way to implement the infinite menu theory so if you’re on 4, and you click 1, it goes right to 1 in the same direction you went from 3 to 4?
I’m basically trying to have a panorama as a background, with buttons that point you to the different sections; each being different parts of the panorama, I’d to see if i can make it a full repeating circle, instead of going from one edge to the other and stopping.

i can upload an example .fla if anyone needs further explanation



PS, i know this thread looks suprisingly like the other ones, but i searched for quite a while to find a problem like the one i’m having, and i just cant find anything.