Sliding viewer

I have a problem with a sliding series of pictures. I have the actionscript assigned to the movie clip instance on the stage which basically determines speed and direction relative to the mouse. Everything works great but cannot seem to make the movieclip continuous eventhough I have duplicated the series in the movieclip and set everything to x=0, y=0.\r\rCan anyone tell me what I am overlooking?

Please be more precise, about your code, and about what you’re trying to do.\rpom 0]

This sliding viewer. I also have the same problem with my file. But not the same codes. Could someone PLEASE give me the whole code and where to place it in order to create this sliding viewer. e-mail me at [email protected]. I REALLY NEED IT!


I have no idea what that means I have this code that is kinda close to it but all it does is let the image slide all accross the screen. Can you fix it. Its this:\r\ronClipEvent(load) {\rxCen = 550/2; //if movie width is 550, change otherwise\r}\ronClipEvent(enterFrame) {\rx = xCen-_root._xmouse;\r_x -= x; //reverse direction of mouse:\r//mouse go left, pic goes right, vice versa\r}

What’s wrong with that code ? It seems correct to me ?..\rpom 0]

The image, instead of srolling opposite the direction of the mouse just scrolls across the screen!

check the other post about the same subject, Duri3l\rpom 0]