Sliding horizontal pictures

I have a problem with a sliding series of pictures. I have the actionscript assigned to the movie clip instance on the stage which basically determines speed and direction relative to the mouse. Everything works great but cannot seem to make the movieclip continuous eventhough I have duplicated the series in the movieclip and set everything to x=0, y=0.

Can anyone tell me what I am overlooking?

sorry. I missed this post. have you found the answer yet? if not, then post back, and try to explain yourself a little more clearly. I’m not sure that i understand completely what you mean. Post your code or e-mail the FLA to me and I’ll take a look.

I did fiigure it out but the second part to the puzzle remains unsolved, This is similar to yugop type menu where the pictures slide continuously across the stage in which the speed and direction are dictated by the mouse’s position.

But now I want these pics to be hot and when the user clicks on them a fixed-size window (html page with larger image). I added the javascript and altered the published HTML but the windows popup with no controlled settings placed in the getURL script. Can you help me with this? A sample of what I am trying to do is at Click on an image then click again. That’s the box I want.

sorry bro, that link didn’t lead anywhere. It could not find the server.

so you got the speed and directoin part and are just looking to make the pop-ups? or you still need the speed and direction?

Sorry about that its

Got the speed and direction figured out bu the multiple java windows don’t react to the code I put in the setURL and the code in the published HTML. Does another bit of code needed in the embed tag of the published HTML?

JavaSCript really isn’t my cup of tea. I’m not sure about that, but I know someone here will know how to do it. If you take a look at the borderless window tutorial on this site, I think you might get an idea of what code to use. check the tutorials sectoin

Skip the javascript. How can I have the same image but larger appear over the top of the sliding photos and have a close function? Is it basic actionscripting

well if you want to have it all contained within flash just make a code like this on the button

whateverImage._xscale = 200
whateverImage._yscale =

Thanks for your help.