Small Action script question

heya im kinda new in Flash and im working on a project

but i got a little “bug” in my rpg system atm

the prob is, i made a few features and i got the “money” system too it works correct like: u touch the coin and the mony box switches from 0 to 1 but i made a “10” coin item so does anyone knows a small script to add +10 money cause i got this atm:

 onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
    if (_root.moving_mc.hitTest(this)) { =+10;
        this._x = -500;
        this._y = -500;

but if i grab 1 single coin the box sais 1 but if i grab the 10 coin item after that it switches to 10 and not to 11

anyone can help me with this?

thanks :smiley:

Ricer += 10;


Yes… it used to be:;

you have =+10;

change to += 10;

did you try “ += 10;”

Edit: too slow:)

It works :smiley:

thnx guys :smiley: you guys are awsome :smiley: :wink:

No, just mx_kid:)