Small Blogs Network

Hiyas all! It’s been awhile again.

But, I’m here to share my newest project: Small Blogs Network. The purpose is to be a web gallery just for blogs with little or no attention on the web. It aims to promote the blogs listed on the site. I did it for self-promotion as well as to help other people like me in the same boat.

I set it up in Wordpress using a few custom plugins, and it works all nice and dandy, but if you find any bugs please do tell. Also, I set it up so I will have to manually process all submit requests. Anyhow, if you do have a listing you want to add, go ahead and email the email listed on the site.

Please don’t hold back, I need some help on reworking the logo, as I don’t think it’s quite polished enough… Also give me as much feedback as you possible can! Thanks once again,