Small issue with PHP / HTML

Hi guys,

thanks for checking out my post…

i’m using php to bring content into my main sites’ layout.

everything works absolutely fine except the page content for each page starts one line lower than it should on some of the pages.

hopefully you’ll see what i mean if you check it out at The title “Welcome to Tim Mullen Racing” appears as it should but if you click on say “news”, the page title will be a line down from where it should be.

i’ve tried taking off the paragraph tags but to no avail - i’d really appreciate any suggestions as to what might be causing this and how i can resolve it.

many thanks,


Looks fine to me. checked in IE and FF. The “News” header and “Welcome to Tim Mullen Racing” seemed to show in the same spot. Although, in FF, the right border of your content boxes on the left do not show up.

sometimes you have a <p>, sometimes you have <br><br>. the <br><br> is resulting in the extra line.

Everything looks fine in FF IE and Opera, hope ya get it sorted soon

thanks guys - that’s superb and very much appreciated.

many thanks,