Small problem loading xml file

hi gang, i tried other xml examples no problems there
but this is strange

when i try to load a swf from my main scene
i want to come in the gallery.

now this is my xml code for that gallery

slides_xml = new XML();
slides_xml.onLoad = startSlideShow;
slides_xml.ignoreWhite = true;
// Show the first slide and intialize variables
function startSlideShow(success) {
if (success == true) {
rootNode = slides_xml.firstChild;
totalSlides = rootNode.childNodes.length;
firstSlideNode = rootNode.firstChild;
currentSlideNode = firstSlideNode;
currentIndex = 1;


// Updates the current slide with new image and text
function updateSlide(newSlideNode) {
imagePath = newSlideNode.attributes.jpegURL;
slideText = newSlideNode.firstChild.nodeValue;
loadMovie(imagePath, targetClip);
// Event handler for ‘Next slide’ button
next_btn.onRelease = function() {
nextSlideNode = currentSlideNode.nextSibling;
if (nextSlideNode == null) {
} else {
currentSlideNode = nextSlideNode;
// Event handler for ‘Previous slide’ button
back_btn.onRelease = function() {
previousSlideNode = currentSlideNode.previousSibling;
if (previousSlideNode == null) {
} else {
currentSlideNode = previousSlideNode;

this is my xml code

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(1).jpg”>savvas with the goods</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(2).jpg”>the backstage</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(3).jpg”>lightrack</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(4).jpg”>wonderfull band</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(5).jpg”>the bass too dark</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(6).jpg”>the dark mc somewhere…</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(7).jpg”>dutch girls are ladies…</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(8).jpg”>nice packed and sweaty room</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(9).jpg”>some peeps in the back</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(10).jpg”>mc in the house</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(11).jpg”>the dark and misty side</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(12).jpg”>dance krew</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(13).jpg”>mc spitting rhymes</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(14).jpg”>shot from the back ;)</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(16).jpg”>another dark view from the back</slideNode>
<slideNode jpegURL=“images/horst/horst(17).jpg”>we need a quality photographer…</slideNode>

i am sure my slides.xml is in the right directory cuz i can see the slidenode text apprearing. but not the images.
i tried to rename the folders content without the () but no luck there…
is it because of the (…) ? that would be strange cuz i have a mp3 player with also () in the file and that loads perfectly.

i tried to place the slides.xml into the containing folder in the directory and change the code in flash slides_xml.load(“slides.xml”); to “/images/horst/slides.xml”
or even tried to rename the xml files jpg to JPG…nothing works

maybe i am looking over something

is there plz anyone that can guide me through this?

thnx in advance