Smalll assignment - Flash Page

My web site needs help

Looking for a designer that can make a opening page for me with flash etc.

Turn-around not that important…

Send info to: steventv @ (remove spaces)

What do you mean with a opening page? What should be on it?

ur site reeeeely reminds me of this garbage scam site--

22//They were both built with ‘Net Objects Fusion 7’ obviously using the same template.

steventv// I think you need your whole site redesigned. Not just a opening page. A classy opening page followed by such an amateurish website would look strange. You should actually employ the services of one of the designers here to built you an entire website. Canadian Guy is great but he’s usually incredibly busy. But there’s lots of others, including me, who I’m sure would be very willing for you to employ them.