Need Flash Designer for small website

You must be prepared to work for free.
I’m looking for a designer who can make a very minimalistic website for my graphics design portfolio. What I’m looking for on the website;

[]Must understand how to make special effects on transitions.
]Must know how to make a whole website in on one file.

The website will not be large, I only need it designed once, you will be recognized. :s:


Edit: Post in this thread if your interested, private message me or email me at [email protected]! :wink:

I’m interested… more details would be nice though. What sort of transitions are you looking for?

I think he means like Dissolve (alpha) or transitions by the page moving out from the left or in from the right (top bottom etc.) Am I correct?


free? must? wow… I can hardly wait! ooh ooh yes yes pick me pick me :wink: how about a huge bloated tween with gradients and alphas and maybe some dancing babies… and oh oh I REALLY like the “underconstruction” sign… or some midi tunes and a spacey background? I can make yah one hell of a huge single file… and I’ll even take out the preloader for yah!


i’m pretty interested. You have to brief in the details though. :trout:

([email protected])


:stuck_out_tongue: LMFAO!!!

along those same lines…

I’m looking for handouts. The handouts must be in american dollars. I prefer large denominations… nothing smaller than a twenty.

You will be recognized. I will tell people where I got the money as I spend it on myself.

Please folks if you are not interested then dont post. Everyone does freebies when they start off, to build their portfolio (and tax deductions). So this request is not very farfetched. You should have seen the stuff I put together for free while in Uni. But dont litter this thread please. If you challenge its validity then state the reason or contact a mod (but not this mod).

@Sunny give more details and post some examples of your expectations.