Smooth Animations Through Backgrounds

What would you have to do to get a smooth animation for walking through a scene or something like what would by the fps and anything else needed like the space between the key frames (movment) I’ve done some animation but I want it to look smooth thanks for any help.

I usually use 24 to 30 fps. For me, it’s trial and error with the smoothness. If the animation is too fast, then you need space between your keyframes (or more actual frames of animation).

Also remember, the faster your fps, the bigger the file will be.

Well for one, don’t use scenes because they’ll make things complicated in the long run.

As for a good fps to use, I use 24-26, but some people go as high as 30.

It’s all about trial and error to find a suitabled fps, but I suggest not going over 30 because some computers might not have enough processor power to handle higher fps’s.