Just wondering why my fps runs so slow whenever I play a flash movie. When I make the movies, I set fps to 60 and try to span out the time that I think is neccesarry to make the motions look smooth but it seems to never work? just wondering whats wrong, do I need to add more frames between keyframes or do I need to bring down the set fps? I can use some recomendations on what to set fps to and how many frames between objects moving around.

There are many things that will effect frame rates including what processor you are viewing it on.

One of the biggest hogs of frame rate is moving objects made with alpha not 100%. If you have semi transparent things moving around the screen… it may be the cause.

Second biggest hog is complex vector shapes moving around.

Too many things moving around in general will slow down your movie too.

Frame by frame animation can slow things down too.