Smooth, Fast Animation

Hi Guys,

I’m developing a new site but am having trouble getting the animated movements of clips really smooth and fast.

check here for an example of what I mean.

I’ve been playing around with image blurs and recording at a higher frame rate but nothing looks as smooth as the example.

Can any one give me any pointers or direct me to some helpful tutorials?

Thanks in advance

the site isn’t mine

i was showing it as an example

anyone have any ideas of how they get the animation that smooth and fast?


I know it´s not yours, I was talking about the first one, I like it the background music. Neostream is from another world!!

the first one isn’t mine either!!
they are both examples

one way to get it faster is to speed up your frames. Set your frames speed at like 60, instead of the default 12. That will speed things up a ton.

P :slight_smile:

ahhh cool
is thast what you’ve done on your site, putch??

use 61 instead that way it will play better on macs.

actually, I think I used 30, I really didn’t want that super fast effect that most sites have. Experiment and see what you like best.

P :slight_smile:

will do, thanks

one other quick question.
alot of the sites with the super fast animation effect have blur filters on their graphics. Is this achieved by importing the image into flash twice, once with the effect and once without??


yeah, I uaually create the effect in Photoshop and then inport it. Although some people can create that effect in AS (I think), although I have no idea how. I just use Photoshop

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