Smoothing Gallery and Retina Logo

Hi Hope I find you’ll well

I’m OK just panicky at the moment its a my last day on probation for 3month at where im currently working Im from South Africa by the way.

1.Can someone please help me on how I can make my Gallery run smoothy on one of my website that are dued today im kinder bagging here would appreciate your help:
the website is link:
My personal email: [email protected]

  1. On our company’s website I’m using the MITO THEME from
    the website looks fine one problem and i dont remember when it happen. When you minimize your screen of the Home page a Retina Logo should appeall before the second section2 my website was doing so I dont know broke the code:
    Preview Link to the MITO THEME:
    My Website: fabmedia.coza
    Email: [email protected]