Snap-Points for dragging to

I’ve seen a couple of people asking for a method of creating points that objects they are dragging snap to so I whipped something up.

.fla and .swf are attached, but here’s the source for anybody not with Flash 8.

var snapPoints:Array = []; 					// Set up our variables
var drag:MovieClip;        					// `drag` is a movieclip on the Stage.
for (i=0; i<10; i++) {
	snapPoints.push(obj=_root.attachMovie("snapPoint", "point_"+i, _root.getNextHighestDepth())); // Quite a complex line of code, basically it does three things: Creates a MovieClip on the stage from a library instance with linkage "snapPoint", sets `obj` as the MovieClip we've just created and then put that MovieClip into an array
	obj._x = Math.random()*550; 			// Position the MovieClip randomly around the stage
	obj._y = Math.random()*400;
_root.onEnterFrame = function() {
	drag._x = _xmouse; 						//Move the `drag` MovieClip to the cursor.
	drag._y = _ymouse;
	var currDist:Number; 					// The shortest distance between `drag` and a snapPoint
	for (i in snapPoints) { 				// Cycle through the snapPoints
		obj = snapPoints*;
		d = Math.sqrt(Math.pow(obj._x-drag._x, 2)+Math.pow(obj._y-drag._y, 2)); // Calculate the distance between the current snapPoint and `drag`
		if (!currDist || d<currDist) { 		// If `currDist` has not been set yet, or the current distance is shorter than the previously calculated distance, then:
			currDist = d; 					// Set `currDist` as the current distance - the shortest.
			targ = obj; 					// Set `targ` as a reference to the 
	if (targ && currDist<10) { 				// if `targ` has been set and the shortest distance is less than 10, then:
		drag._x = targ._x; 					// Reposition `drag` to the snapPoint
		drag._y = targ._y;

Enjoy :thumb:
Hope it helps somebody.