snow sucks

let me know when you get some :crazy:

we had it nasty here a couple of days ago. All over the dam place. Then it friggen rains (?) and there’s flooding all over! THEN its snowed again this morning and theres a few inches out there now… but wait… nope… its raining again so that will all melt and get washed away probably causing more flooding :sleep:

We’re on the verge of breaking a 100+ old record of rainfall in my area. Need like an inch or 2 more or something - probably got that today.

it’s snowed quite a bit today, looks like we’ll be getting more by the end of the day !!

to bad i cant get a picture but…

i have a short legged jack russel terrier and she has to run around the backyard until the snow is treaded down enough that she can squat and take a pee without freezing her *** off…lol

~~ Seretha :love:

Snow really sucks. Where I am, we’re expecting 20+in of snow by Monday noon. That’ll mean no school, but also backbreaker from shoveling.

Snow is like NY Giants’ TE Jeremy Shockey I feel … you either love him or hate him!

Everyone I talk to either loves snow, or hates snow. I love it persoanlly. It’s better than rain - that’s for sure.

We’re getting a ton of the white stuff here at State College, PA right now. Penn State hasn’t even started to plow yet. I guess they’re waiting for the snow to slow down before they go all out with the snow removal.

I must say, there’s nothing more fun than throwing a friend into a snow covered bush…