Snowboarder MAG-second update

ok heres the second version.

Good dramatic cover picture- just not sure about the fonts. Definitely a kerning problem as some of the letters are too close or far apart.

I’m not a design expert but my eye is automatically drawn to that big empy bit of snow and blue sky because of the direction of the slope and the motion of the snowboarder. So that’s probably where I would’ve expected to see the main headline item for this edition.


ahh yes i see what you mean. i’ll fiddle around with it and see what comes up.


heh, well its ment to catch your attention on the magazine stands. there are like 100+ magazines on the rack at a given time. I wanted it to stand out. any suggestions of what i could improve?

I was just joking because I am a skier, and don’t really like snowboarding :P.

The only suggestion I have is to fill up some of the space where the sky is with pictures, featured articles, titles, etc… Other than that, it looks good! :smiley: