So frustrated with Published Files!


I created a movie which I have converted into a .Flv and then used Flash to create different things that were needed for this movie. However I had a problem when I published this…


I want the movie to run on the internet. So after publishing the .swf and .html file onto my harddrive, I pasted the .flv, .swf, and .html onto the server this computer is connected to and tested it both the swf and html. Both loaded but did not play the movie. I also tried putting it on the site, but it too only loaded and didn’t play.

I’ve concluded that when the files are not on my harddrive, the movie will not play

Sum Up: Wont run movie when not on my harddrive! Can someone PLEASE help me out. I’ve tried other forums, and no one seemed to want to help…unless they think Im crazy which is caused by this stupid problem!

Thanks for your time


PS. The site is [color=#800080][/color]
PPS. I hope that makes sense, just ask if the files are needed or if you have questions!!