So I want to make a Wiiware game

I have an idea for a Wiiware game that I’m really trying to get made. I’m willing to put up $20k to fund the project.
I’m a Musician, Flash Developer (Actionscript), Graphic Designer, and Photo Retoucher ( professionally. I’ve put together a really nice presentation with artificial screenshots I’ve created in photoshop along with extremely detailed writings as to how everything functions. It’s a very basic idea, the real idea behind it is the controls. The game only consists of two 3D models, the rest is all 2D and I’m able to handle a heck of a lot of the graphic work as well as provide all the music for the game. I can’t go into anymore details as I’m requiring all those interested to sign a contract before the idea is shown to them.

I need a programmer so your going to need to be proficient in C . I’m looking to keep this team down to just me and someone else so I need someone who’s really resourceful like myself. It’s definately something an artist and a programmer can achieve without the need for anyone else. We can go 50/50 on profits. Any takers?