Game Help - Willing to Pay

I have been trying to make a Super Mario World type game in flash for a while now but im just a beginner in flash and not very good. I am willing to pay 20 - 30$ paypal for someone to make a game for me. It doesnt have to have good graphics or anything like that as long as the game works, then its all good ( for all i care the mario can be a square and the enemies circles , all i really need is the script so i could study it and hopefully learn what does what, the images i could just plug in different ones anyways.

If interested :
The game i want is basically the same as Super Mario Remix which you can download at " [color=#000020]…[/color] " except i would like it in flash instead of a game you have to download to play.i just need the first and second level done (hopefully i could figure out the pattern and make the rest of the levels myself) as for items that you have to collect in the game, just coins. Enemies im prolly gonna use only one enemy through out the whole game so dont bother making more.

Please contact me and let me know before you start working on it incase i have someone else already working on it.

contact info: post here or email me at [email protected]
also my AIM sn: Lazyboy4life 105

instead of writing clones of this post in every known forum, you could just learn flash on your own :wink:

OMG! Has this place hit rock bottom or what?! Dude, your in game development community for gods sake. Theres hundreds of free tuts, open sources and QandA on this site and the flash web community. What the hell makes you think you’ve got to pay for it!? Even if you were totally serious about going through with this (!?), then where’s the pride of slapping your name on someone else’s work!? Just take the time to learn some more basic things about AS before tackling something like this. And seriously, any programmer with morals (ie. me) is not gonna do this for you for any amount of money (well, a little bit of leeway here ;), lol). Seriously dude, learn how to do it yourself (with help from this community if you need it) and you’ll be a much better person for it.

Bloody hell, what where you thinking!? Sorry if you think I’m over reacting here, but this is insulting.

EDIT: Shouldn’t this be in the Jobs board anyways?