Socket not connecting, using tutorial 'PHP 5 Sockets with Flash 8'

i have made followed the tutorial on this site named** ‘PHP 5 **Sockets with Flash 8’, i managed to write the actionscript and pasted the php as instructed, the socketrun.bat is working and a connection to the server is made, i have opened a port. BUT THEN…

as i try to run the flash.html file (which contains the swf) from the local server i.e localhost/flash.html, the swf doesn’t display anything within the msgArea, it should connect to the socket, but instead i get nothing, no success message, no failure message. all it says is connecting to 198.168.1… on the bottom of the broswer. which indicates that its still trying to connect to the port but nothing is being sent back I THINK. im really lost as to what this is all about.

this is the tutorial im using.

thank you