Some art

I’ve been reading up on some photoshop tools and decided to have a crack at some digital ‘art’.

I’m thinking of doing a series of images like this one in the theme of a journey undertaken by the character. Maybe incorperating that into a website or something later.

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Hmmmm - Geee the character looks pretty familar too me…oh thats cos it is me :smiley:

haha yeh, ben is the subject. :stuck_out_tongue:

its really cool :slight_smile:

I like that a lot! It really captured the feeling of everything around the character (ben) being massive.

thanks, that was what I was really going for… 2 secs and I’ll post the images I used.

These are the photos that were used in it. Haha, I hope you dont mind me posting a pic of you ben :stuck_out_tongue:

Dave - All photo’s of me are copyright :smiley: lol —

Well fellow Kirupians that is me “b3nkobe”