Some interesting tricks to speed up firefox browsing

Just looking for ways to speed up my firefox browsing, since it became kindaā€¦ laggy.

I found these pretty interesting modifications that speed it up slightly :stuck_out_tongue:

first one is to enable pipeliningā€¦ This allows firefox to load things simultaneously instead of loading one thing after each other, you activate this by typing ā€œabout:configā€ into your address bar and then filtering ā€œpipeliningā€.

Then double click on[INDENT]network.http.pipelining
[/INDENT]to set the value to ā€œtrueā€, then double click on ā€œnetwork.http.pipelining.maxrequestsā€ and then set the value to 30 or more.

Second one is making firefox show you whats loaded already, instead of waiting for firefox to load the page before showing it. To enable this you would add a new value (right click anywhere, go to new and select interger)

and name it this: nglayout.initialpaint.delay
and set the value to 0.

:stuck_out_tongue: Thats it.

Hopefuly you will see an increase in speed :stuck_out_tongue: