Some more NEW art

sorry i cant post thumbs here. images kinda big.

those are impressive :beam:
RedGirl looks really good :beam:

Edwin, speachless bro, if I had your skills I would be the ****iest bastard ever, you deserve to think your the ****, can’t deny the truth bro, you get better every **** piece you do. Came a long for from your first site!

thanx :slight_smile:

You showed me these before, but still… YOU ROCK!!!

I have always been a fan. I liked the 2 pieces that weren’t flesh mech combintations( the one u embeded and red girl). I’ve seen your flesh mechs and the yare great but it is nice to see other types of art from you Edwin. I would love to see more pieces that pull away from the flesh mech combos.

ah cool man! your work is awesome!
If you’d be in my country you’d be hella famous man!

man, I really like the red girl one a lot. First one’s good too. The
others aren’t my thing, sorry. So, I have no legitimate opinion.

I love the mecha style kinda thing that you got going so i love them all! but RenGirl is amazing.