Some movie opinions

Hey guys…i scored some free movie tickets and was wondering if you’ve seen anything recently that is worth seeing at the movies??

i want to see the phone booth or whatever its called.
i do not want to see piglets big movie.

phone booth?? do you know who’s in it?

Pigglett has a big movie?

That’s so amazing

uhhh…i think colin farrell. im not sure i saw the trailer. the guy in the phone booth looked a lot like him.

haha yea. its funny because hes so little.!

fez is right…


oww…stop following me. its not fair.

life’s not fair buddy…

haha…youre not fair… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


whats it called…tears of the sun is supposed to be good but i personally cant stand war movies. expecially where the little americans police the world and make heroes of themselves by killing innocnet small black people who by their standards are “savages”

I have two rules when renting/going to a theatre…

  1. No submarine or football movies (they’re all the same ppl!!)

  2. No ‘animal saves the day’ style (i.e. benji or that movie with the 2 dogs and that cat the cover the country to find their family…)

Dreamcatcher looks good. =)

is that out now??

I think’s already out, if not then this friday for sure. I just saw a commercial for it on tv, but didn’t catch the release date.

What’s dream catcher… I’ve heard a lot of people talkin about it but I have no clue what its about.

I’m not sure what it’s about, but it looks like a horror movie.

I was almost interested in a movie too.
See, I hate like every movie… I’m like impossible to impress, moviewise. And I hate horror movies more than anything. So that just makes that a no go for me.

ohh… is that that one about the tooth fairy?
(sorry to spam this thread, just curious)

i love lord of the rings- especially the second one

oh yeah, does any one know if the Gods and Generals movie is good, cause im reading the book now…