Some problems (sequel)

Well now. I have two problems. I did a movie clip and i asigned it some actions so it can move across the stage when pressed and stop when it is not pressed. Now i wanna set a background and i tried to do that in the main timeline. But no matter what the position of the bg layer is - over the one with the movie clip or under, when i press “test movie” the background is always on top and the movie clip is under. What do i have to do?
The second thing is - i want to put a button in the movie clip and when one presses it i want this movie clip to disappear. I tried to do that like this: i created a frame called MyFrame with no content. I asigned my button these actions:

(i’m not doing the proper ActionScript i know)
That used to work b4 but now since i have this new actions to my movie clip it doesnt work. How can i make the button work?
Byez:ninja: :hat:

hrmm are you attaching the movie clip or anything?..i dunno its strange…but it could have something to do with level of ur thing…

I’m not attaching the movie clip. I jut created the movie clip and then i put it in the mail timeline that’s all.