Some web graphics im working on

Hi, since this is my first post i’ll start by saying what a great job the mods and members are doing here, nice work, keep it up. I’ve been learning photoshop for about 6 months now, and flash AS2 for about 3 months, comming from a programming (java) background the AS is’nt so hard to pick up, but PS is another thing altogether :d: , again thanks to these forums and the site.

I help out with a small website and have been doing or trying to do them some graphics for the summer to jazz the site up a bit, use as wallpaper for the members etc.

Some honest critique would be nice, as this seems to be the place to get it…

Thanks for taking the time.

RB :slight_smile:

A rework of the first with the texture

without the texture


RB :slight_smile: