Someone Explain How To Convert .SWF to a .GIF File



lol… sometimes you just need to Jubba. :wink: \r\rFirst off… not everything can be converted. If you’re just talking about a basic animation then it’s really not too difficult. Keep in mind the nature of gifs though… they work better if you have a small number of colors, and gradients suck. In almost all cases I’ve found the swf to be of smaller file size than it’s Gif equivilant. In fact, I’ve taken a lot of Gifs, imported them into Flash, and published a smaller swf than the origional… Just things to keep in mind.\r\rThe option to make a Gif is in your publish settings.\r\r"File/Publish setttings"\r\rClick the gif checkbox. Then choose it’s tab and see what options are there.

Its not showing up too well…I did the publish settings thing. And I can’t find it… It doesn’t really save anywhere either…

And when I am done publishing into GIF and I try it out… it doesn’t do anything… I want the gif animated too… Can I ?

if you are using actionscript in your SWF then I don’t think that exporting them to a GIF works because the GIF doesn’t support the actionscript…not sure about it though…

yes what jubba said above is true.\r\ras for it saving… if you have the GIF check box checked, and you hit publish, Flash IS saving a GIF of the indicated name, where ever the FLA is saved on your comp. Why it wouldn’t show up is a mystery to me. I’ve never had any problem doing that.

i @#%$ around and I finally got it… pz

:slight_smile: … glad it finaly worked.