Got some flash files.swf (2) banners made but now the website which I sponsor is on an old system and uses only gif format. I absolutely have no idea, can anybody help me convert them back to gif so they be used. I don’t know what to do???

Thanks for any help you guys have!

to make them a gif, go to file>export>at the bottom where it says Flash Player (.swf) change it to Compuserve Interchangable [something like that] (.gif)

If I sent them to you in an e-mail could you do it, I not very literate when it comes to software.


my email is: [email protected]

I see we have another “lost” person on this forum…haha. This is going to get confusing. I think that is like 4 or 5 so far that I have seen.

Just go to File/Publish Settings, then click on the “Formats” tab.

Make sure the “GIF Image (.gif)” (I use MX, so the title here might have changed, but it will still say .gif at the end) has a check in it.

Then hit the button on the right that says “Publish”.

I have emailed them to you, not sure which ones you need. I found this site tonight and it a great site for people such as myself who are not real computer literate. I will frequent it more often to learn from you guys.

Thanks so much!!!

May I ask what made you decide to get flash? Was it just for GIFs or was there another purpose? I am nosey sometimes…haha.

heres how to do it if you’re using flash 5, i think its better if you learn than have someone else do it for you. but if you’re having problems i’d be more than happy to help more.

  1. open your flash movie up and go to file > export movie

2) then go to the bottom and change its file type, name it, and hit save

3) finally, pick the settings you want to have applied to your gif

Wow, nice screens hojo.

Now he knows 2 different ways to do it. I told him how to publish as .gif and you told him how to export as .gif. Both do the same thing though.

You are right, better to learn than rely on someone else to do it. Nice tutorial:) I think it will help him out a lot.

Thanks guys, that beta stuff is too cool.

thanks beta, hope those help Lost. any questions feel free to post or email me

hey beta! could i make a tutorial on that? maybe a bit more description to it, but i could do other than just gifs. or would that be something not worth doing a tutorial for here?