Someone has been sending messages using my username!

I feel I should make clear that all these messages that have come from my user name have not come from me!

I sent the first (serious) one because I desparately need help from you guys - all of them after that (from OOOOkay… onwards) were not sent by me and I have no idea how they appeared!

My computer has been out of action since Wednesday and I haven’t had a chance to even look at the postings on the board - on looking at it today, I see that someone has posted all these messages, supposedly from me!

I don’t know how this has happened - I don’t think anyone I know even knows I use this site (let alone knows my password!), so I don’t think it can be anyone from my office. Also, the messages are posted at 1.15pm. I’m based in the UK and, although I’m not sure exactly what the time difference is, my first message was posted at 6.25am your time, so the later ones were posted at some time late evening/early morning UK time - and I don’t even have a computer at home!

So anyway, I thought I’d best let you know that someone has managed to do this. If I find out it was someone here at work, I’ll kick their ass and then let you know that the problem is at my end and not someone hacking in.

I came to you for your help as this is the best Flash site I’ve seen - I don’t want to offend any of you and can only ask that you believe what I have to say.


P.s. if you want to kill a dog (Phil), apparently you make sure you use plain chocolate and not the milk variety - much more effective!

its probably a colleague in your workplace. this site remembers your identity from the moment you logged whether thru clicking the history bar or typing it. It’s either that or you probably are suffering from the same syndrome that of Dr. Jekyll.

If this is true, then ignore all my blasts against you. These things do happen. I’d suggest changing your password, and taking the above advice as well. Just be sure that you log out completely when you’re done with your ezboard session, and make sure that the comp you’re on is not storing passwords in it. You can’t be too careful.